When trying to register a GPG key I get error: "Your key does not match your signature"

You might be using a subkey. Dont use a subkey. Generate a new key and try again.


Are you going to run away with my money?

Exit scams are rightfully a concern, being on the clearnet does not prevent this, check out, mtgox, cryptsy, vircurex, ect

I have been active within the i2p community for more than 3 years, and have been vouched for by the developers of anoncoin and verge, I also run another i2p eepsite,, (anarchist research center) its a bit in the early stages though.

I am motivated by ideology more so than by money, if you spend any amount of time chatting with me on irc this is apparent. I envision a world were the darknet financially self-sufficient, where people can use the darknet exclusively, without having to launder their coins though clearnet exchanges. I want to make that vision a reality, that is why I built and i will continue to work until my dream is a reality.

I want these services to exist more than i want to make money off of them. We intend to release the source code for my exchange if ever we suffer a debilitating hack, so that someone else build off my work and our failure, or once the service is successful where we dont have to worry about much competition and my code is properly audited by security professionals.

We also run a generous donation program. using our exchange supports opensource privacy projects, and the development of altcoins.